LEGO Minecraft Feels Redundant

LEGO Minecraft Feels Redundant

Collectible set to ship this summer


Oh, gosh. I think we've encountered an infinite loop of geekery. Danish toymaker invents play set with infinite building possibilities. Swedish programmer designs computer game based on same philosophy--creating whole worlds from blocks. Danish toymaker picks up on Swedish game's popularity, releases set based on its own virtual protégé. Will this go on forever? Am I staring into the abyss?

So, yeah, the LEGO set of PC games has inspired an actual, real life LEGO set of its own. The LEGO Minecraft set is currently available for pre-order and will ship this summer. 

What does the result of a geek loop look like, then? Well, it's blocky. And small. And not really as exciting as one might have hoped. Aside from the two specially-made minifigs that come with the set (Steve and a creeper), it's all made up of parts that you probably already have in that giant bucket of LEGO bricks that's still sitting in your parents' basement. It's all colored one-by-one bricks. The ones meant to represent lava are red and translucent, but they're not the first LEGO bricks to let light through. You could probably come up with a more convincing and exciting kit just by sourcing the remainders of your childhood.

But if you're a firm subscriber to the word of Notch, then I guess you're going to have to pick up this box of bricks. It'll set you back $35, which isn't so bad for a small collectible set. I'd wager it's not as much fun to play around with as either computer Minecraft or regular LEGO, though.